Sunday, May 8, 2011

Making jar by IntelliJ IDEA

Few people told me why are you using idea, it is not possible to create jar from it. Actually this idea about idea is totally wrong. To make a jar from idea go to

File -> Project Structure -> Artifacts

Then click the plus sign to add a jar setting. The “Create Jar from Modules” window will appear. Select the module and main class.

1) Choose extract to the target jar to include all the library jars include in your jar. Then press Apply and Ok. After than you will see a “Build ‘moduleName.jar:’ artifact” option in Build menu. It’s simple.


2) And if you choose “copy to output directory and link via manifest” the edit the manifest to locate the library jars in Class-Path tag ex-(lib/one.jar lib/two.jar). Remind that if you execute the jar from a folder which folder is located in the project root directory and your library jars are located on a “lib” folder which is also in the root project directory, then add class path like (Class-Path: ../lib/one.jar ../lib/two.jar)