Thursday, January 14, 2010

Make IDEA faster

I was working on a renowned XYZ software company. They prefer IntelliJ IDEA as a IDE. My senor collogue give me some task and I was working on the IDEA. He found the IDE is too slow and suggest me to increase the virtual memory. So I have change it in the “idea.vmoptions” file located on (/idea/bin).
But it seems too slow for scrolling the codes on IDEA. Then my senior suggests me to use version 6 instead of version 8. But I was working with IDEA 8 and looking for a solution. Suddenly senior bro came to me and wanted to see my progress. When he found IDEA version 8 he became angry and warn me he will delete all my code. I was so scared though I have IDEA local history and git ;) . Then I suddenly found the solution that it frequently uses graphics card but I know that it is not NFS(my favorite game :P) so I can disable that by including
At the end of the “idea.vmoptions” file. And the problem solved :D

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